May’s Tories have a 17 point lead over Corbyn’s Labour – YouGov

But Ipsos MORI poll finds PM's approval rating down slightly


Theresa May’s Conservative Party has a 17 point lead over Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party in the latest YouGov poll.

Forty-two per cent of respondents saying they would vote Tory if there was an election tomorrow.

Just a quarter of respondents, or 25 per cent, said they would vote Labour, down three points from the last YouGov. The Conservatives are up by three points against the previous poll.


The poll was taken on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, and coincides with the Prime Minister’s Brexit speech and Labour’s response.

A separate poll today from Ipsos MORI finds only one in four (26 per cent) are satisfied with Corbyn’s performance as opposition leader, while three out of five (61 per cent) are dissatisfied – a net approval rating of -35.

Theresa May’s honeymoon with voters appears to have ended, with a five per cent drop in her approval rating since Ipsos MORI’s last poll, from 50 per cent to 45 – leaving her with a net approval rating of +6.

The second poll was taken between January 13 and 17, so tells us nothing about the response to May’s Brexit speech.

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3 Responses to “May’s Tories have a 17 point lead over Corbyn’s Labour – YouGov”

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  2. Tony

    A recent poll tucked away in the Observer gave an 8% lead.

    I see that the BBC has admitted misleading its viewers about an interview with Jeremy Corbyn.

    I hope that all those people in the Labour Party who have attacked Corbyn about this will now publicly

  3. ad

    Tony, an 8% lead for the Tory’s is not good for Labour. And the BBC did not admit “misleading its viewers”.

    In the News at Six report, Kuenssberg said she had asked Mr Corbyn “if he were the resident here at Number 10 whether or not he would be happy for British officers to pull the trigger in the event of a Paris-style attack”.

    He was seen to reply: “I am not happy with a shoot to kill policy in general. I think that is quite dangerous and I think can often be counter-productive.”

    The actual question Kuenssberg had asked during the interview was: “If you were prime minister, would you be happy to order people – police or military – to shoot to kill on Britain’s streets?”

    The previous question in the interview, in a section that was not used on the News At Six, he had been asked specifically about his response to a Paris-style attack if he was prime minister and whether he would “order security services onto the street to stop people being killed”.

    The BBC Trust called that misleading. BBC News disagreed. After all, in the circumstances most people would interpret Kuenssberg’s question the way she described it to the viewers.

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