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GCSEs u-turn: Wales welcomes “foolish and unhelpful” Gove as the “repentant sinner”

Welsh education minister Leighton Andrews has welcomed Michael Gove’s humiliating u-turn on GCSEs, declaring the education secretary a “repentant sinner”.

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Cameron signals rail fares u-turn

A report on the government’s u-turn on rail fares.

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Watch: Osborne’s deputy’s deputy’s deputy’s deputy Chloe Smith gets Paxo’d

Watch: Chloe Smith, who on her last appearance on Newsnight didn’t know the difference between deficit and debt, was humiliated again over the fuel duty u-turn.

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Osborne’s scrapping of fuel tax is ‘fastest U-turn in history’, but a welcome one

As much as we welcome the tax freeze, why won’t Osborne learn that these U-turns are doing serious damage to his credibility as chancellor?

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Osborne tries to bury charity tax U-turn – the fifth flip-flop this week

George Osborne was forced into another humiliating U-turn today – this time on the charity tax, the fifth government reverse this week.

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More than 70% of public want Osborne to U-turn on cuts and adopt a Plan B

George Osborne may have performed reverses on the “pasty tax” and “caravan tax” last night, but it’s on austerity the public really wants a U-turn.

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Salmond’s screeching u-turn over independence consultation

The SNP has performed a u-turn over its consultation on an independence referendum after a row erupted over claims it was fundamentally flawed.

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Miliband: “With this PM, a veto’s not for life, it’s just for Christmas”

Alex Hern runs through Cameron’s U-turn on Europe

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How Tories wrecked the NHS (but learnt to love targets (too late))

Alex Hern shows quite how long scrapping waiting lists has been a Tory policy, and quite how quickly they scrapped it.

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Wales calls for second u-turn on coastguard closures as Salmond hits out at Huhne

Carwyn Jones has urged the government to rethink plans to downgrade Wales’s busiest coastguard station in Swansea, while Alex Salmond has attacked Chris Huhne.

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