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The impact of Gove’s reforms on teachers’ everyday working lives

A glimpse into the everyday lives of teachers, looking at the attitudes of teachers towards action taken by the NUT that did not include strike action.

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Cameron blames teachers over school sport – ignoring his cuts and playing field sell-offs

David Cameron has criticised state school teachers for not doing their bit for school sport.

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Gove doesn’t like bureaucratic interference unless it’s his bureaucratic interference

The Education Secretary has hitherto opposed government intervention in the classroom; now he wants sweeping reforms of the primary curriculum. How come?

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Scottish union chief accuses government of behaving like a “Victorian millowner”

One of Scotland’s major teaching unions has warned that virtually every school north of the border now faces closure on the November 30th, reports Ed Jacobs.

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Unions need to win over the public if they’re to avoid a repeat of Wisconsin

Unions must win over the public to avoid a repeat of Wisconsin, says @AKMPeterson: #url#

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Telegraph’s “£500,000 teachers’ pension pot” claim is wrong

The Daily Telegraph’s claim today that teachers have a “£500,000 pension pot” is misleading and their calculations wrong, Left Foot Forward can reveal.

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