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Until recently the Tories said Jose Manuel Barroso’s views were ‘definitive’

Barroso ncr

When the European Commission President agrees with David Cameron his views are ‘definitive’.

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Row over CETA free trade deal escalates


The row between Canada and Germany over the future of the stalled CETA free trade deal rumbles on after Germany said it wanted to re-open the talks.

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Why I’m fighting the anti-democratic TTIP

TTIP2 ncrj

The role of politicians is to represent the interests of society, not corporations.

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A lesson in democracy – from the European Parliament

European Parliament ncrj

When it comes to representative democracy, Parliament could learn a thing or two from Europe.

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The Conservatives’ plan to scrap the Human Rights Act will be applauded by dictators around the world

North Korea ncrj

Chris Grayling’s proposals are a calculated move to win over UKIP’s growing constituency of angry little men.

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The biggest threat to our human rights comes not from European judges in Strasbourg but from the Conservative party

Chris Grayling ncrj

As the Kremlin looks on with glee, the Labour message must be clear: not in our name.

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The Tory human rights plan: not as significant at it sounds

Chris Grayling ncrj

If the acid test is whether the plan would prevent another Abu Qatada or prison votes row – then it fails.

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Is Lord Hill’s appointment really a ‘victory for Britain’?

CamJuncker ncrj

The tendency to see EU policy as a battle between competing nations should be more problematic for the left.

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The right is split – good news for the left

David Cameron, the Member for Brussels Central, has run out of ways to lie to his eurosceptic backbenchers – rejoice!

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Cameron’s migrant benefit move is even worse than you think


The latest restrictions on migrants claiming benefits won’t only harm migrant workers but also Britons.

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