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The North East must close its digital connectivity gaps

Digital connectivity is an essential asset for businesses and a profound catalyst of social and economic change.

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Osborne’s missing 4G billion increases pressure for cuts

The shortfall from the sale of 4g broadband capacity means chancellor George Osborne will be under increasing pressure to make greater cuts.

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Hunt for super-fast broadband

The culture secretary Jeremy Hunt is aiming to end the UK’s digital divide; yesterday, he outlined his forthcoming plans to consult the telecoms industry on how to provide high-speed broadband access to all the UK.

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Britain on the slow road to broadband

The OECD yesterday released a tranche of statistics on broadband penetration in member countries as of the end of 2009

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Brown’s broadband bravado

Gordon Brown put internet connectivity at the centre of his manifesto today in a speech which aimed for “Britain to be the world leader in the digital economy”.

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Digital Britain: the Cameron edition

The Digital Economy Bill would have been an ideal way for the Tories to differ from Labour; instead, Conservative peers have helped make a bad bill even worse.

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Broadband tax – right direction, wrong track

Yesterday, the BIS Committee published a report querying the Government’s planned 50p broadband tax on fixed phone lines to pay for increased broadband speeds.

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Why the Tories aren’t so super-fast on their digital vision

Both major parties have recently set out their policies on broadband expansion and digital Britain. The Conservative’s policy causes concern.

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