Anti-cuts networks are more flexible and effective than big organisations

Yesterday marked the continuation and escalation of a campaign led by the decentralised activist network UKUncut against major UK businesses who fail to meet their full tax obligations. The first target, Vodafone, was actioned at numerous sites across the country and done with a level of organisation and effectiveness that came to many as a surprise while also eliciting genuine support.

The student movement 2010: The rise of the dissent entrepreneur

Aaron Peters is currently at a student occupation at University College London where he will be staying for as long as is permitted; even within the confines of this one microcosm of the movement the possibilities for this nascent student movement within the context of Net 2.0 are being rendered increasingly tangible.

Labour must understand the transformed politics of “anxious aspiration”

A time of ‘anxious aspiration’ that is founded upon the uncertainty of ever increasingly dynamic technological change in a world of globalised production and global culture. Here then is a space where the left can win back the middle classes in a thoroughly authentic manner – perhaps for the first time since Atlee and 1945. Familiar fairness for unfamiliar times.