Over 3,000 people have joined the Green Party since the general election

The party is growing after it's best ever general election results.

Green Party campaigners holding a Green Party banner in Bristol

The Green Party of England and Wales made history on July 4 by getting 4 MPs elected in the general election. This record-breaking result will mean there is more than one Green MP in parliament for the first time ever.

The Greens’ new-found success is attracting many new people to the party. Since the general election, over 3,000 new people have signed up to joint he Green Party.

The party has a live tracker on its website logging the number of people who have joined since July 4. At the time of writing, the tracker stands at 3,054.

Green Party Deputy leader Zack Polanski told Left Foot Forward: “Over 3,000 people have joined the Green Party since the election.

“This is hugely positive and a demonstration that people support our calls for real change from the new Government.

“When people see our four MPs in action – delivering locally for their constituents and contributing the big ideas nationally – I hope even more people will want to join our party for real hope and real change.”

Chris Jarvis is head of strategy and development at Left Foot Forward

Image credit: Matthew Philip Long – Creative Commons

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