Sunak criticised for claiming Labour will cost taxpayers £2,000, the price Brexit has cost the average Briton

A report shows that in 2023 the average Briton was nearly £2,000 worse off as a result of Brexit.

On a visit to Derbyshire to kick off his general election campaign, the Prime Minister told voters that Labour policies would cost the taxpayer £2,000 each.

“The only certainty you get with the Labour Party is that they will run out of money, and they will put your taxes up as clear as night follows day,” said Sunak, adding:

“We just ran the numbers the other week.

“All the things they want to do, all the things they want to spend money on – you tot all that up, it’s going to cost you £2,000, every working family in our country.”

But onlookers were quick to point out that Brexit has made the average person in Britain £2,000 worse off.

A report by Cambridge Econometrics and commissioned by City Hall shows that in 2023, the average Briton was nearly £2,000 worse off as a result of Brexit, while the average Londoner was almost £3,400 worse off. The research, which was published in January, also shows that there are nearly two million fewer jobs in Britain overall due to the country’s departure from the EU. 

The study also found that, unless action is taken, the economic damage is only going to get worse – with more than £300bn set to be wiped off the value of the UK’s economy by 2035, and more than £60 billion wiped off the value of London’s economy alone. 

A separate report by the London School of Economics (LSE) found that by the end of 2021, Brexit had already cost households in Britain £5.8bn in higher food bills, adding an average £210 to people’s food bills over the two years to the end of 2021. Since households on lower incomes spend more of their income on food than wealthier families, the rise in prices driven by Brexit, has had a proportionately greater impact on the poorest people.

Yet there was no mention of Brexit, its impact, or plans, during Sunak’s first day of election campaigning, something that voters picked up on.

Pointing to the Cambridge Econometrics research, Farrukh posted: “Rishi Sunak says that Labour will cost everyone in the country £2,000. Brexit which Rishi Sunak voted for and believes in, is costing every person in the country £2,000.”

“The absolute hypocrisy of the bloke,” was another comment.

“I’d pay £2k to get rid of this lot,” someone else wrote.

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