Tories plot shock political comeback for Boris Johnson

The plot shows just how out of touch and deranged the Tory party is.

Boris Johnson

A group of Tory MPs is plotting to bring Boris Johnson back in to a senior role with the Conservative Party and also want to replace Prime Minister Rishi Sunak with Suella Braverman.

The plot, which the Sun is reporting has been hatched by the Conservative Democratic Organisation (CDO) – a powerful Tory members group, comes as Sunak continues to face mounting pressure with the Tories trailing the Labour Party in the polls by around 20 points.

With local elections taking place on May 2nd, it’s expected that there will be another push by Tory rebels to oust Sunak should the party perform badly. Some analysts have predicted that the Tories could be set to lose 500 council seats in the upcoming local elections on May 2nd. That’s half of the party’s councillors facing election.

The CDO want Braverman to take over from Sunak. The Sun reports: “Sources close to the group said their internal polling shows she is the firm favourite among their members.

“Senior party figures say Suella could then bring Boris back as a Tory Party vice chairman. He would not need to be an MP to carry out the senior role.”

The plot shows just how out of touch and deranged the Tory party is.

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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