Liz Truss attacks ‘left-wing extremists’ at Tory PopCon launch 

Britain is also "full of secret Conservatives”, according to Liz Truss

Liz Truss

Liz Truss launched her new “Popular Conservatism” (PopCon) group today taking aim at the “spread of wokery” and with the hope of appealing to “secret Conservatives”.

With speculation that her latest reinvention attempt could be to relaunch her bid for Tory leadership, Truss started her speech by listing the Tories achievements over the past 14 years, which included Brexit and “keeping Jeremy Corbyn out of office”. 

Despite remaining very unpopular in the polls, Truss is spearheading the PopCon movement, which is focused on delivering “popular Conservative policies” and “restoring democratic accountability”.

This latest fringe movement makes up a number of new factions to pop up in the Tory Party over the last few years. 

Addressing the audience Truss made a series of bizarre attacks on the Left, taking aim at “wokeism” and said the Tories had failed to “take on the left-wing extremists”. 

“Wokeism seems to be on the curriculum,” said Truss. “There is confusion about basic biological facts, like what is a woman. 

“Look at the net zero zealots, if you listen to the Today programme, I don’t recommend it, you’ll hear demands for more public spending.”

Truss went on to warn that the left were “on the march and actively organising”. 

“These people have repurposed themselves, they don’t believe they are socialist or communists anymore. They say they’re environmentalists, they say they’re in favour of helping people across all communities, they are in favour of supporting LGBT people or groups of ethnic minorities. 

“So they no longer admit that they are collectivists but that is what their ideology is about.” 

She went on to claim that anti-capitalists were being “pandered to” by the Government and that Conservative values were being eroded and said it was “only through Conservative values that we can give the British people what they want”, however fell short on saying what this was exactly. 

According to Liz Truss Britain is also “full of secret Conservatives” who believe being a Tory is “not acceptable” and therefore “don’t want to admit it”. 

“People who are prepared to put their heads above the parapet and come out and stand as Conservatives are vitally important,” she said. 

A new survey published yesterday showed over half (57%) of registered Conservative Party members said they wouldn’t currently vote for the party, whilst two thirds of all voters have said they want a change of government.  

Jacob Rees-Mogg and Lee Anderson also gave speeches at the event launch with other MPs in attendance including Andrea Jenkyns, Priti Patel, Wendy Morton, Alec Shellbrooke and David Jones. 

Dave Osland wrote on X: “First Liz Truss tanked the pound, blew up the pensions system and sent mortgage payments through the roof. Then she organised a conference on ‘popular conservatism’.”

(Image credit: The Telegraph / YouTube screenshot)

Hannah Davenport is news reporter at Left Foot Forward, focusing on trade unions and environmental issues

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