Tory MPs launch new ‘Popular Conservatism’ group headed by Liz Truss

"‘Popular conservatism’ is an oxymoron”: Yet ANOTHER Tory faction forms

Liz Truss Tory former prime minister

A group of Tory MPs have announced the launch of yet another new Party faction, this one called ‘Popular Conservatism’, or ‘PopCon’, with the principle aim to “restore democratic accountability to Britain and deliver popular conservative policies”.

Headed by the shortest-serving prime minister in history, Liz Truss, commentators have been quick to call out the irony in the groups name and head, with Truss previously polled as the least-popular UK prime minister in the history of polling.

Liz Truss announced the launch yesterday on X, with the new movement adding to a number of Tory break out factions that have developed in previous years, as MPs bid to push the party further to the right and influence Rishi Sunak’s manifesto ahead of a general election.

Fellow Tory MPs joining Truss in ‘PopCon’ are her former business secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg, Sir Simon Clarke MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland and North East Hampshire MP Ranil Jayawardena. They are all confirmed speakers at the group’s launch event on February 6. 

Some commentators were left “speechless” by the idea of Liz Truss launching a ‘popular conservatism’ movement, whilst MP Stewart McDonald of the SNP responded, “‘Popular conservatism’ is an oxymoron”.

HartLib Dems added on X: “Disappointed to see Ranil Jayawardena aligning himself with Liz Truss and popular conservatism. It’s important for our leaders to prioritise the needs of the people, not just political alliances.”

Despite an abrupt end to the Truss era after her leadership imploded and the economy was left in turmoil, she has continued to push her disastrous policies and right-wing ideology within the party.

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Hannah Davenport is news reporter at Left Foot Forward, focusing on trade unions and environmental issues

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