Amazon workers strike this week amid union-busting accusations 

"Rose's are red Violet's are blue. We're worth 15 quid. What about you,”

Amazon workers enter their second year of strikes this week having taken over 30 days of industrial action so far in their fight for £15 an hour and union rights. 

Three days of fresh strike action will take place this week involving over 1000 workers in the Coventry Amazon warehouse. 

It comes amid allegations of the delivery giant using ‘union-busting’ tactics at the Midlands warehouse, with the GMB union accusing Amazon of putting up anti-union messages as staff share examples. 

One message photographed at the warehouse said: “Keep talking to us. We’re listening. Before you make any decisions about joining a union, seek out the facts. At Amazon, we’ve always proven that listening helps us make positive changes at work. We want that to continue.”

Amazon employees have reportedly been wearing bright orange GMB union shirts at work and putting up counter messages about joining a union on online notice boards. 

Labour MP Zarah Sultana expressed solidarity with striking Amazon workers and highlighted why Amazon would engage in anti-union tactics. 

She wrote: “Amazon is using union-busting tactics at its Coventry warehouse, trying to discourage workers from joining GMB.

“Why would it do this? Because workers are stronger in unions. It’s how they win higher pay and better conditions. Solidarity with these brave workers.”

Amazon Coventry warehouse employee, Darren Westwood, wrote a poem on X in reference to their Valentine Day strike action. 

“Rose’s are red Violet’s are blue. We’re worth 15 quid What about you,” wrote Darren.  

“Amazon BHX4 out again, 3 days of strikes. As Jeff sells 2 billion dollars worth of Amazon stock. We are asking for £15 an hour. Every worker should be getting this as a minimum.”

Commenting on the latest strikes, Amanda Gearing, GMB Senior Organiser, said the campaign was “growing stronger every day”.

“Next week will mark the start of months of industrial chaos and Amazon is fast running out of options.

“It’s time for Amazon to listen to our members, it’s time for £15.”

Amazon has said it regularly reviewed its pay “to ensure we offer competitive wages and benefits”.

Action will take place this week on Tuesday 13 Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 February at the Coventry warehouse. 

Hannah Davenport is news reporter at Left Foot Forward, focusing on trade unions and environmental issues

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