Lee Anderson ripped apart over claim Labour will ‘put UK up for sale’

"Your mob sold everything!”

Lee Anderson

Tory MP Lee Anderson has faced a barrage of ridicule after attempting to claim Labour will ‘put the UK up for sale’, as commentators reminded the MP how the Tory party had in fact, ‘sold everything already’.  

Brexiteers were riled up following a speech from David Lammy at the Labour Party conference on increasing Britain’s trade with the European Union, to which Lee Anderson claimed Labour would ‘put the UK up for sale’.

The Tory Deputy Chairman Lee Anderson wrote on X: “Make no mistake on the first day of a Labour government the UK will be up for sale. With the EU lined up for the first viewing.”

However commentators quickly took to social media to remind the Tory MP that his government had in fact sold most things off already. As people laid out the history of Tory privatisation to the MP for Ashfield.

Novara Media journalist Aaron Bastani provided some further details for Anderson.

Bastani wrote: “The Tories literally sold Admiralty Arch in 2012 and the Royal Mail (a 400 year old national icon with the monarch’s head on it).

“Capita does army recruitment, and the world and its wife screws over the public via privatised water, rail & energy.

“Your mob sold everything!”

Whist Labour councillor Freddie Bailey offered him a list of the public services sold off under Tory administration.

“The Tories sold our railways. The Tories sold our water. The Tories sold our energy. The Tories sold our oil. The Tories sold our gas. The Tories sold our buses. The Tories sold our Telecommunications. The Tories are selling our NHS.” Wrote Bailey.

“But “Labour will put the UK up for sale”….”

Whilst another X user highlighted the irony: “I remember when they systematically sold off all of our utilities providers and the National steel industry as well as…oh no, hang on, that was someone else wasn’t it…”

It comes from the MP and GB News show host who’s most recently disgraced comments include dismissing poverty as “nonsense” and exclaiming that “good dictators” are a “good idea”.

Hannah Davenport is news reporter at Left Foot Forward, focusing on trade unions and environmental issues

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