Rishi Sunak fact-checked over dig into Starmer’s education speech in PMQs

Sunak's PMQs attack on Starmer gets fact-checked

During the first Prime Minister’s Question Time debate since July, the Prime Minister has faced a grilling, with Keir Starmer laying into Rishi Sunak over the school concrete crisis.

As Sunak desperately attempted to defend the government’s handling of the RAAC concrete issue, he threw shade at Starmer, calling him ‘captain hindsight’ and accusing him of ‘political opportunism’ over the school building fiasco.

Attacking the leader of the Labour Party for not mentioning the issue before, Sunak said: “It wasn’t even worthy of a single mention in [Keir Starmer’s] so-called landmark speech on education this summer.”

However, many were quick to point out that this was in fact not true, as Starmer directly mentioned crumbling school buildings in his education speech in July.

Starmer had said: “So – for his Tory Party to turn around afterwards and repay their sacrifice with nothing, to sit there twiddling their thumbs as teachers leave in their droves, school buildings start to crumble and absenteeism goes through the roof – that’s shameful.”

However, Sunak has apparently stuck to his guns since his dig, with political editor of The Sun Harry Cole reporting No.10 has said how Sunak was specifically referring to RAAC – “PM was talking about RAAC, and there has been new information recently. Starmers speech did not reference RAAC once.”

(Image credit: The Guardian / YouTube Screenshot)

Hannah Davenport is news reporter at Left Foot Forward, focusing on trade unions and environmental issues

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