55% of voters say they could change their vote before the election, showing no room for complacency

Only 45% say they have completely settled on who to vote for.

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The next election result could be more open than conventional wisdom suggests, after an opinion poll found that a majority of voters could still change their vote, highlighting how there can be no room for complacency against the Tories.

While recent polls have consistently given the Labour Party a solid lead, it also shows that there is still more work to be done and how nothing can be taken for granted.

According to an Opinium poll for the Observer, over half (55%) of those who intend to vote think there is a chance that they will change their mind before the next election, and only 45% say they have completely settled on who to vote for.

The latest poll put the Labour Party on 41%, while the Tories are on 26%, giving Labour a lead of 15%. The Liberal Democrats remain unchanged on 11%.

The poll findings come after the government’s ‘small boats week’ spectacularly backfired, ending with Labour taking a lead on immigration.

Rishi Sunak and his party had tried to make the issue of Channel crossings a wedge issue, as they tried to portray the opposition as ‘soft’ on immigration. However, last week saw a record number of crossings and the evacuation, due to a health scare, of the Bibby Stockholm barge used to house migrants.

It turns out that more of the public trust Labour to deal with immigration rather than the Tories. Labour’s lead on immigration has risen from six points to eight points, with 29% backing Starmer’s party.

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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