Tory candidate for London Mayor promoted climate science denial

Last week it was also revealed that Hall has been a vocal supporter of Trump

Susan hall London mayoral candidate

The Tory candidate for London Mayor, Susan Hall, has promoted articles online which spread climate science denial.

Hall, who was selected last week to take on Labour incumbent Sadiq Khan at the election in May, and who has been described as a ‘hard-right politician’ by the Labour Party, has also backed the reintroduction of fracking and promoted articles online which spread climate science denial.

Findings from DeSmog revealed that she has called for the UK’s net zero targets to be “delayed” and has supported new fossil fuel extraction through the overturning of the UK’s ban on fracking for shale gas.

In July last year, Hall shared an article on Twitter from the Daily Express by Lord Frost which called for the UK to drop its urgent dash to net zero and tweeted: “This man is full of common sense – net zero needs to be delayed and shale gas sought. Well said [David Frost]”.

The same article also urged the government to get back to fracking, which was banned in the UK in 2019 over concerns that it causes earth tremors.

DeSmog reports: “In June 2022, during the UK’s record 40C heatwave, Hall shared an article on Twitter which dismissed the role of human-made greenhouse gas emissions on climate change.

“Hall’s tweet urged the then Prime Minister Boris Johnson to “review the net zero agenda – especially now in times of financial hardship”.

“She then directed readers to an article on the Daily Sceptic, a website run by climate science denier Toby Young, headlined: “Climate Scientist Says Humans Cause Less Than 0.05C of Global Warming and Warns of ‘Anarchy’ From ‘Delusional’ Net Zero Policies.”

In February 2020, Hall also shared an article from Spiked which questioned whether there is a ‘climate emergency’ and which also criticised Sadiq Khan’s policies.

Hall tweeted: “Carbon neutral by 2030 promises [London Mayor Sadiq] Khan. Yet he can’t even keep his promise of two million trees in his first term – he can’t be trusted. I recommend this article – it’s a good one.”

Hall is also not a fan of efforts to cut traffic in London. She has previously tweeted: “The ‘green’ agenda is causing havoc in our city.”

Last week it was also revealed that Hall has been a vocal supporter of Trump before his bid for re-election in 2020. In one tweet, Hall wrote in response to Sadiq Khan who described Trump as a hate-fuelled President: “Come on Donald Trump- make sure you win and wipe the smile off this man’s face.”

Hall also previously equated the storming of the US Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump with people opposing Brexit.

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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