Sadiq Khan responds to speculation Boris Johnson will run to be Mayor of London

The Financial Times has reported that Johnson could look to get his old job back in City Hall

Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan has responded to speculation that disgraced former Prime Minister Boris Johnson is considering once more running for London mayor.

Khan, who is hoping for a historic third term as mayor, responded to the speculation with the words: “Bring it on”, during his monthly appearance on LBC.

Shameless charlatan Johnson, who was found by the privileges committee to have knowingly misled Parliament over Partygate, is now planning his next move and speculation has grown that he could be set to run for Mayor of London next year.

The Financial Times has reported that Johnson could look to get his old job back in City Hall by running as an independent candidate.

Baroness Camilla Cavendish, David Cameron’s former policy adviser, wrote in the FT: “I hear he is now considering standing as an independent in next year’s London mayoral election.”

She added: “The tragedy is that he was quite good at that job — and some of those on his honours list are people who worked for him then. He was just never able to rise to the heights required of a prime minister.”

Johnson’s former aide, Guto Harri told the Independent that it would be a great idea for Johnson to run for mayor. “London needs a powerful advocate with the profile, ambition, credibility and character to fight its corner and champion its cause”, he said.

LBC Presenter James O’Brien asked Khan if he would be “worried if Boris Johnson became a London Mayoral candidate?”, to which Khan replied: “The flippant answer is, bring it on.”

Richard Barnes, who was Boris Johnson’s Deputy Mayor of London for his first term, has hit out at his former boss over the speculation and told LBC: “These are the ramblings of a desperate man”

The once Boris ally said he “chuckled” when he read the rumour, and said: “You can go forwards, you can go left or right, but you can’t go backwards”.

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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