Boris Johnson starts new job as Daily Mail columnist day after report finds he is a liar

Proven liar Boris Johnson is now employed by The Daily Mail.


Disgraced former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has joined the Daily Mail as a columnist, just a day after it was revealed that he knowingly misled Parliament over lockdown parties in Downing Street on numerous occasions.

His record of lying and spreading falsehoods hasn’t stopped the Mail from offering him column inches in their paper, who declared on their front page today that an “erudite new columnist who’ll be required reading in Westminster and across the world” will be starting on Saturday.

Playbook also reports that the new columnist set to join the Mail is none other than Johnson. It wrote today: “Three separate figures have confirmed to Playbook that the mystery “erudite new columnist” trailed on the front of today’s Mail is, of course, of course, the new Steward of the Chiltern Hundreds, aka Boris Johnson.

“One of Playbook’s moles says he’s on a “very high six-figure sum” to pen what will be a weekly column.”

His appointment comes after the Privileges Committee yesterday released an unprecedented report which demolished Johnson’s character and integrity, finding that not only had he misled Parliament but that he should also be suspended for 90 days if he were still a sitting MP.

The report also found that Johnson’s contempt has no precedent. It stated:

“The contempt was all the more serious because it was committed by the prime minister, the most senior member of the government.

“There is no precedent for a prime minister having been found to have deliberately misled the House.”

None of this matters to the Mail though.

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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