Daily Mail roasted over front page defending Boris Johnson

“I read that headline as"Bullshit" for some strange reason.”

Daily Mail

The Daily Mail has been ridiculed over its front page defending Boris Johnson as it claimed the former Prime Minister had published ‘conclusive evidence that he did not lie over Partygate’.

Johnson is due to appear today before the Privileges Committee who are looking into whether he deliberately misled the House over Partygate, after he repeatedly claimed that no laws were broken and that guidance was followed at all times.

The Mail published a front page with the headline: ‘Bullish Boris up for the fight’. The former Tory leader has published a 52-page defence dossier, full of holes, but which the Mail thinks vindicates the former Prime Minister.

Reacting to the headline, one social media user wrote: “I read that headline as”Bullshit” for some strange reason.”

Adam Bienkov, political editor at Byline Times tweeted: “Has anyone else seen this “conclusive” evidence the Daily Mail says Boris Johnson published yesterday proving he didn’t lie over Partygate?”

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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