Shock poll finds Tories are heading for near total wipeout in Wales

The Tories could be left with just 2 MPs in Wales

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A new opinion poll has found that support for the Tories in Wales is in freefall. According to YouGov’s latest poll of Welsh voters, the Tories are set to be left with just two MPs in the country after the next general election.

The poll, commissioned by WalesOnline has found support for the Tories in Wales now sits at just 19%. YouGov found 53% of voters in Wales are backing Labour. Support for Plaid Cymru is at 12%.

YouGov found that 8% of Welsh voters are currently intending to vote for Reform UK, 4% for the Liberal Democrats and 3% for the Greens.

If these results were repeated in a general election, the Tories would face near total wipeout in Wales. A projection from the Wales Governance Centre has shown that the Tories would lose 12 seats and would be left with just two MPs. In what would be a massive victory, the Labour Party are projected to win 35 of the 40 seats in Wales.

The findings come after a string of other polls have shown Labour are heading for a landslide victory in the next election. One poll – also from YouGov – found that support for the Tories across Britain is now so low that the party could end up with fewer seats than both the SNP and the Liberal Democrats.

Chris Jarvis is head of strategy and development at Left Foot Forward

Image credit: Simon Walker / Number 10 Downing Street – Creative Commons

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