Emperor Boris Johnson revealed his new clothes at PMQs – and it wasn’t pretty

Charisma won't get him out of this one.

Emperor Boris paraded to the despatch box to proudly show us his new clothes at his first PMQS.

His reputation for oratory and charisma, so crucial to bulldozing his leadership through the internal contest, was shown up as a sham. 

Confronted by a newly fired-up Corbyn, Johnson flailed under sustained questioning about his Brexit plan.

Corbyn’s request for transparency on leaked predictions of food and medicine shortages from his own Government were simply ignored.

Reports that his inner circle are only feigning negotiation with the EU and there is no real alternative to no deal under consideration were also met with bluster.

The best Boris could muster was a groan-worthy gag about the opposition leader being “Caracas”, worthy of Widow Twanky.

Johnson attempted to channel some gravitas from Thatcher by accusing the Labour leader of being “frit” of a general election. 

Flip-flopping on whether or not he wants to go to the polls, the Tory backtracked on his own words from less than 24 hours ago that he did not want an election.

It’s fair to say Corbyn has executed his own screeching handbrake turn by applying the brakes on an election he previously prioritised.

But trust in this prime minister to act with honour has been haemorrhaging since his decision to try to crush opposition to a no deal Brexit by proroguing parliament.

And the rot has reached deep into his own party with the decision to expel 21 former colleagues last night, including the Father of the House and the former Chancellor.  

The Prime Minister’s weak jibe that Corbyn was a “chlorinated chicken” merely left Johnson looking like the roaster.

Charisma is not enough to cover the depth of the crisis Boris finds himself in, and every parliamentary appearance leaves him further exposed.  

Jennifer McKiernan is Editor of Jenesis.News and a lobby journalist.

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4 Responses to “Emperor Boris Johnson revealed his new clothes at PMQs – and it wasn’t pretty”

  1. Patrick Newman

    You seem not to understand the reason that Labour (not just Corbyn) is not going to support Johnson’s snap election. By agreeing to an election this week Labour would be handing the power to Brexit without a deal to Johnson who could fix whatever date suited him for the actual election. This is the elephant trap that Tony Blair raised at the beginning of the week. Johnson’s tongue exhibits all the characteristics of autonomous being!

  2. steve

    Blairites prioritise another referendum over a general election – in which they will press for Labour to support Remain.

    This will drive the heartland vote away from Labour and deny Corbyn victory at a future general election.

    The elephant trap, for the Blairites, is any course of action that could produce a Corbyn premiership.

  3. Tom Sacold

    Fat bumbling Tory boy has difficulty putting a single sentence together.

    I bet he’s been at the bottle again.

  4. Alasdair Macdonald

    Tom Sacold, I thought you are in favour of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit?

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