Sky presenter in bizarre attack on Left over US far-right terror attacks

This is not Secker's first gaffe.

Sky News presenter Jayne Secker is facing criticism again. First, she patronised a tenant, then a Ghanian rapper and now she’s echoed the ‘bad people on both sides’ rhetoric of Donald Trump

Novara Media journalist Eleanor Penny went on Sky News today to discuss the latest far-right terrorist attack in El Paso, Texas, leading to this extraordinary exchange.

On Twitter, commenters were enraged and drew similarities between Secker’s words and Trump’s reaction to another far-right terror attack, when he said that there were “fine people” and bad people on both sides at a fascist and anti-fascist rally in Charlottesville.

Others asked what anti-semitism in the UK Labour Party had to do with far-right terror attacks in the USA.

This is not Secker’s first gaffe though. In April, she had to apologise after being accused of patronising a Ghanian-British rapper and a tenant on the same day.

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3 Responses to “Sky presenter in bizarre attack on Left over US far-right terror attacks”

  1. Patrick Newman

    Hopefully, she is an outlier in Sky news and not a sign that the station is gradually adopting an anti-Labour position like BBC Newsnight and BBC R4 Today programme!

  2. clayton palmer

    When will sky news apologise for this presenter? The trivializing of the murder of these innocent people by linking it to her own obvious shallow political views. Disrespectful to both the victims and relatives of this tragedy.

  3. Michael Willis

    We have had no real public housing plan for years. South East London housing waiting is over 2 million. We have been leveraging assets for so long that a £5000-00 house now costs £300 000-00. In a crisis blame poor people, young people and immigrants This horrible woman works for Rupert Murdoch.If I am right he owns fox news. There you go..

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