Brexit lies die hard: Michael Gove STILL claims leaving the EU will mean more money for the NHS

"As a result of leaving the EU, there is more money for the NHS", he told the Today programme this morning.

Michael Gove said this morning that leaving the EU would mean more money for the NHS and public services.

The Brexiteer, who supported the completely discredited claim the NHS would gain £350m a week if Britain left the EU, seems intent on sticking to the line.

Gove said on Radio 4’s Today programme:

“As a result of leaving the EU, there is more money for the NHS.”

“During this parliament money that we would have given to the EU will be available for schools, homes and also for the NHS.”

With a Brexit divorce bill said to be approaching £40bn, and the Treasury predicting the worst economic growth forecasts in history, exactly where the extra money will come from seems, to put it mildly, unclear.

Add to this the fact that the government have failed to undertake the economic impact assessments they said they were doing, and it becomes clearly impossible to predict Brexit will mean more money for public services.

The ‘Brexit means more money for the NHS’ line isn’t a new one. Brexiteers famously emblazoned their referendum campaign bus with “we send the EU £350m a week, let’s fund the NHS instead”.

The figure was denounced by the UK Statistics Authority as “misleading” and even Nigel Farage later described it as “a mistake”. It was later showed that Britain actually sends the EU half of the figure quoted.

Gove continued to support the £350m for the NHS claim long after it was discredited and appears to still be sticking to the line even now. Brexiteer lies die hard, it seems. 

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  1. LordBlagger

    If you vote to pay the EU, then you take responsibility for the resulting cuts.

    40,000 million is a lot of money

    350 million is small and remember, its come out that the payments are made gross, confirming what leave said,. The EU said it was going to withhold the last rebate. Proof that the payments are made gross.

    So we can get that back unless idiots in Westminster vote for cuts by paying the EU.

    So is Labour going to vote for massive cuts to the NHS to pay the EU?

    Senior British sources said that 
negotiations over the bill, which the EU sets at €60 billion (£53.6 billion), had still not settled whether the UK would receive the €5 billion (£4.46 billion) payment as part of the final settlement when it leaves the EU in March 2019.

    “There is a problem here, and the issue over whether the EU will pay us the 2018 rebate has not been resolved,” the source in Whitehall confirmed.

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