Five times the Prime Minister has tried to undermine Parliament’s role in Brexit

At every stage, the PM has sidelined our elected MPs to force us out of the EU

Today is one of those rare occasions when threats of a Parliamentary rebellion become more than just words.

Conservative MP Dominic Grieve has laid down an amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill – calling for a ‘meaningful’ vote for MPs on the terms of Brexit.

He is not messing around – he has just confirmed that he will not withdraw his amendment in return for ministers tabling an alternative. With rebel backbenchers joining forces with Labour, this is a stand-off where Parliament may overrule the executive.

That’s despite Tory whips allegedly making legal threats against rebel MPs who speak out against alleged bullying over the amendments.

But today’s battle is just one example of Theresa May attempting to resist and limit MPs. At every stage, ‘taking back control’ for the PM has meant taking it back for her – not our MPs.

1. Our own government had to be taken to court just to let MPs trigger the Article 50 process

2. David Davis claimed to have 80 ‘impact assessments’, then refused to release them…before it turned out they didn’t exist

3. The PM was forced to backtrack this week over a Brexit power grab, which would given Ministers swooping powers to change EU legislation once it comes into law

4. Just yesterday, the government overrode attempts from the Scottish and Welsh governments to stop Ministers backtracking on devolution after Brexit

5. Now Ministers are refusing to give MPs a meaningful vote on any trade deal. Instead, MPs are being given a ‘take it or leave it’ scenario – with no chance of influencing the final deal

All this is simply adding to demands for a second referendum on our departure from the EU altogether. If our elected MPs can have any sway, then the public must.

Surely it’s in May’s interest to avoid that scenario?

Josiah Mortimer is Editor of Left Foot Forward. Follow him on Twitter.

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3 Responses to “Five times the Prime Minister has tried to undermine Parliament’s role in Brexit”

  1. Dulari-Leiylah Markelke

    We need second eu referendum full stop based on facts not the lies.

  2. William

    If these people were my children they would be put firmly in their places. I brought them up to discuss things properly and to listen to the whole subject. This bunch of spoilt and priviledged brats deserve to be thrown out of office and ridiculed. What kind of democracy do they think they are using here? Power crazed and narcissistic scum.

  3. Jon Woods

    We are told now the impact of Brexit on multiple sectors of the economy has never been analysed, despite references to detailed studies being made over a period of months. These papers may not be entitled ‘impact assessments’ but their miraculous disinvention by Davis under interrogation makes a convincing case that the ‘impact’ of these magical documents is far too politically damaging for public consumption.

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