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From fast-food fights to federalism, and from dodgy finance to four-day weeks - our top stories on Left Foot Forward this week.

Gone are the days when August was a quiet month. Some people aren’t shutting up, despite Parliamentary recess.

And for good reason. This week we learnt that McDonald’s workers are set to go on strike in the UK for the first time ever, over cuts to their working hours.

This could be the start of something big – and we were the first to break news of the strike ballot:

  1. McDonald’s workers are going on strike for the first time in the UK

And as much as the Conservatives would like them to sit down and be quiet, the Welsh and Scottish First Ministers are challenging the Conservatives to listen to the devolved nations – or risk being blocked on Brexit. Who can blame them?

But there might be another approach – a federal UK. The idea has sparked a fair bit of debate, and Sam Alvis looks at how it might work: and how it might provide an antidote to populism.

  1. We need a radical solution to fight populism — the answer might be federalism

Something happened this week that the Tories apparently did not want you to hear about.

This week saw the Green Investment Bank get formally handed over to an enormous Australian investment firm. This privatisation was snuck through with little debate.

Progressives had strong words to say about it:

  1. The government has privatised the Green Investment Bank – just as it becomes profitable

And while one bank is flogged off, a lender hits the rocks. Molly Scott Cato MEP has pointed to an issue only being raised in the business pages: the potential collapse of The Provident – a big (and reasonable) lender to working-class people.

One thing not being raised in the business pages is this: where will the one million ‘Provvie’ borrowers go if it falls?

  1. A major lender to working-class people is on the rocks. Could a collapse trigger the next crash?

Finally, it’s Friday. What better time to bring back the idea of a four day working week?

The Greens got slammed for it during the election – but co-leader Jonathan Bartley thinks it’s time to raise the issue again. He visited a west London factory where the idea has a long history.

  1. We need to bring back the idea of a four-day week

Thanks for reading – and see you on Tuesday.

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