Labour’s Brexit position less clear than Tories’, finds poll

Forty-two per cent are 'not sure' of Labour's version of Brexit


Ahead of Theresa May’s big speech tomorrow, a YouGov poll suggests the public has a murky picture of her Brexit priorities.

Forty per cent said the Conservatives want self-government and immigration control even if it means losing free trade relations with the EU, while 28 per cent said the Tories care more about trade and would compromise on self-government and immigration.

In other words, respondents were nearly evenly split between those who thought May wanted ‘hard Brexit’ or ‘soft’. Meanwhile, a full fifth (20 per cent) said they were not sure.

No doubt contradictory and incoherent statements by the Foreign Secretary, Chancellor and May herself played their part.

But if the Tories are failing to make their priorities clear, the poll was far worse news for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.

A massive 42 per cent said they were ‘not sure’ what Labour’s Brexit priorities are, with roughly equal chunks for ‘soft’ (18) and ‘very soft’ (17) Brexit – and 15 per cent saying Labour backs remaining in the EU.

Eight per cent said Labour backs the ‘hard Brexit’ option as defined above.

This suggests Labour’s efforts to argue it accepts the Leave result in the referendum but has a different vision for Brexit have not been successful, and that the party is failing to make its position clear to the public.

Perhaps a sharper idea of what May has in mind will present a chance to clarify Labour’s alternate version of Brexit?

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2 Responses to “Labour’s Brexit position less clear than Tories’, finds poll”

  1. Michael WALKER

    I voted Remain.

    Mr Corbyn appears to be riding two horses: Accept Leave but keep Remain’s policies.

    No wonder people are not sure what Labour’s priorities are: after all, take two Labour spokespeople on the issue and you will get two widely differing policies in the morning and another one in the afternoon as one spokesperson attempts to repair the damage.

    “Incompetence ” is the kindest description. But then Labour votes for an incompetent as Leader and then is surprised at the result?

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