Robot-loving Spectator hack says ‘abolish’ drivers to curb rail strikes

Ross Clark calls for workers to be sacked - again


Troublesome Southern Rail staff should be sacked and replaced with driverless trains to cut costs and ‘end strikes for good’.

So says a Spectator columnist who wants Amazon workers who ‘bleat’ about poor working conditions to lose their jobs to robots.

Writing yesterday, Ross Clark said Transport Secretary Chris Grayling should dole out public money for rail companies to invest in technology ‘which renders not only the guards redundant but the drivers, too’.

Clark has previously said Amazon warehouse workers should be sacked and replaced with robots if they ‘bleat too much about pay and conditions’.

In his latest piece, Clark argued ‘trains don’t really need drivers’, and that ‘investment in driverless rail technology would not only end strikes for good, it would hugely reduce running costs‘.

Clark writes:

“Southern Railway has come unstuck tickling around with a modernisation plan which doesn’t even involve redundancies.

It just shows that nothing will please the rail union luddites. The government might as well take them head-on and abolish their members’ jobs for good.”


His article follows a Sun editorial on Monday that said rail firms should be able to ‘crush’ strikers by ‘ordering them to return to work or face the dole’.

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