New Years’ Southern Rail strikes to go ahead as union hails ‘rock solid’ walkout

RMT says action has sent a 'strong message'


Train strikes are set to go ahead over New Years’ as the biggest rail union praised members and slammed the ‘deplorable tactics’ of Southern Rail.

Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT) will stage a walkout on three days from New Years’ Eve after what it called ‘rock solid’ strikes that sent a ‘strong message’.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash, in a message to union members, said:

“The action this week has been rock solid and is sending a strong message to Southern that we stand fully united against their deplorable tactics and lack of concern for passenger safety and well-being.

The amount of action and support you and your colleagues have taken in defending and safeguarding passengers is a true inspiration to the entire trade union movement.”

He added:

“I understand that heading into the new year some of you will migrate over to the on-board supervisor role, however, the dispute doesn’t end there.

The union will do everything possible in ensuring you and your colleagues are fully supported and the National Executive Committee will consider this matter in the new year.

The company has continued to refuse to meet the union to find a resolution to this dispute and as a result of this the action remains on.”

Southern has defended the changes by saying they involve no sackings or pay cuts.

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  1. Mike Stallard

    The Labour Party is in deep trouble.
    Nobody is really sure what it stands for.
    There is a lot to play for too. The Brexit strategy of the government is looking increasingly shaky and, if we get it wrong, then our economy will simply tank. The borders of Europe could close suddenly. Then we really will be without a paddle.
    And the Labour Party?
    Oh yes – supporting strikes which inconvenience a lot of people for no apparent reason.

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