Arron Banks accuses Jo Cox’s widower of ‘politicising’ her death

Brexit money-man joins Farage row after Berlin attack


Right-wing Brexit money-man Arron Banks has accused the widower of slain MP Jo Cox of having ‘politicised’ her murder at the hands of a neo-Nazi terrorist.

His remarks on Twitter came during a row between Jo’s widower Brendan – who runs charity work in her name – and Banks’s colleague Nigel Farage, over last night’s terrorist attack in Berlin, Germany.

Banks – who runs a kangaroo-themed insurance website – wrote of Brendan Cox:

Jo Cox was murdered by neo-Nazi terrorist Thomas Mair a week before June’s EU referendum. Mair was last month sentenced to life in prison for the killing, in which he shouted ‘Britain First’. Justice Wilkie, upon sentencing Mair, said:

“There is no doubt that this murder was done for the purpose of advancing a political, racial and ideological cause, namely that of violent white supremacism and exclusive nationalism most associated with Nazism and its modern forms.”

The war of words began when Farage Tweeted that the attack would be German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ‘legacy’. Brendan Cox replied: ‘Blaming politicians for the actions of extremists? That’s a slippery slope Nigel.’

Farage responded on LBC by accusing Cox of supporting ‘extremists’, and named anti-fascist charity Hope Not Hate, which is threatening to sue Farage for defamation.

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