Arron Banks is no ‘revolutionary’. He’s a right-wing millionaire with offshore assets

The Brexit funder is selling a bill of goods on Trump and Farage


‘The Trump effect … is nothing less than a revolution,’ writes Arron Banks in today’s Times

The former UKIP donor, who bankrolled the Brexit group Leave.EU to the tune of £7.5 million, said Donald Trump’s election is a blow to ‘global elites’ by ‘a forgotten generation of voters who had given up on elections after being trodden down by the inexorable march of globalisation’.

He writes:

“The shockwaves from Mr Trump’s victory will be felt all over the world. The UK may have knocked the first brick out of the wall with Brexit, but Mr Trump is about to shake the globalist world order to its very foundations.”

It takes a brass neck to claim the election of a billionaire property tycoon promising to cut taxes for the rich is a ‘revolution’ against the powerful.

Trump’s election platform is the most anti-labour in history, and has delivered the government to free market fanatics like Paul Ryan and Mike Pence.

Meanwhile, Trump is stuffing the White House with the very corporate lobbyists and special interests he promised to vanquish. As for Brexit, the outlook for low-income families and workers’ rights gets worse by the day.

And the party Banks chose to bankroll went into last year’s general election promising to slash taxes for the wealthy, including abolishing inheritance tax, and to scrap human rights laws.

That’s to say nothing of Trump and UKIP’s use of racism and bigotry to divide voters to their advantage. In their world, the ‘downtrodden’ never means black or brown people. Little wonder Banks ends his piece looking forward to the victory of neo-fascists in France and Germany.

But the triumph of faux-populism has meant millionaire businessmen like Banks (that name!) can pour money into political parties and campaigns and hold assets in offshore tax havens like Gibraltar and the Virgin Islands and still pose as a revolutionary taking on ‘the elites’.

This nonsense needs to be called out at every opportunity – and shouldn’t be given a platform unchallenged by a former newspaper of record.

Adam Barnett is staff writer for Left Foot Forward. Follow him on Twitter @AdamBarnett13 

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