Hope Not Hate hits back after Nigel Farage’s ‘extremists’ slur

Anti-fascist group consults lawyers over 'violence' remarks on LBC


Anti-fascist charity Hope Not Hate has hit back at Nigel Farage after the former UKIP leader called them ‘extremists’ who ‘pursue violence’ amid his spat with the widower of slain MP Jo Cox.

The group said ‘we have no idea on what Mr Farage bases his outrageous comments’ and said it was consulting with lawyers about his ‘potentially libellous statement’.

Farage was on LBC radio discussing his Twitter spat over last night’s Berlin lorry attack with Brendan Cox, whose late wife Jo was murdered by a neo-Nazi terrorist a week before the EU referendum.

Farage had blamed the attack, which killed 12 and injured 48, on German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s immigration policies, to which Brendan replied:

On LBC today, Farage said:

“Well of course he would know more about extremists than me, Mr Cox, he backs organisations like Hope Not Hate, who masquerade as being lovely and peaceful but actually pursue violent and very undemocratic means.”

Hope Not Hate, responding in a statement, said:

“We are aware of a serious and potentially libellous statement made about Hope Not Hate by Nigel Farage on LBC radio this morning.

We have no idea on what Mr Farage bases his outrageous comments. Hope Not Hate has a proud history of campaigning against extremism and hatred.

We will not be making any further comment until we have had the opportunity to consult with our lawyers.”

* * *

UPDATE: Hope Not Hate has written to Farage:

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8 Responses to “Hope Not Hate hits back after Nigel Farage’s ‘extremists’ slur”

  1. GodfreyR

    Farage would have a field-day in outing Hope Not Hate’s connections in the web of extreme / far-left nuttier organisations and characters. Even if they won, they would have to face off a huge amount of negative publicity whereas Farage would simply go up in many people’s estimation and probably be able to crowd-fund the costs etc.

  2. Fred

    Christmas At Adam Barnett’s House

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    “Sshh!” said Adam, looking around nervously. “Don’t say ‘Christmas’! Christianity is a repressive ideology. It’s offensive to Muslims. Say ‘Happy Holidays’ instead.”
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    Adam unwrapped it eagerly. Then his face fell. “An iPhone? An iPhone? Are you insane?”
    “What’s wrong, Adam? Don’t you like it?”
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    Then his sister, Julie, stepped forward.
    “Never mind. Here’s my present. Merry Christ- er, I mean Happy Holidays, Adam.”
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    “Oh, yes, I forgot you hate royalty…”
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    “Oh boy,” sighed his father. “Just like last year.”

  3. Jimmy Glesga

    Seems the Islamists hate and give no hope to their targets.

  4. Jimmy Glesga

    Please explain editor why the comments made by Farage are a slur!

  5. Mary Doyle

    This is the man who declared Brexit without a shot being fired! Does he live in my world were plenty of people have had to deal with consequences of Brexit & the ‘poison’ & permissions given to people to bestow on everyone who is them or an ‘expert’. A post-truth world is a very daunting prospect, who or what should we believe? Sorry I forgot in this post-truth world you can’t be sued because we don’t believe in experts. Sorry just went into one there….

  6. Cole

    Jimmy Glesga – it’s because Hope not hate ISNT a violent organisation as dishonestly proclaimed by Farage.

  7. Mick Hills

    Farage is a closet fascist of that there is no doubt. He will appeal to many because there are fascists in this country as anyone who has read any of the comments on here can see. I hope HNH sues the arse of Farage to be honest. It doesn’t matter if his storm troopers pay his bill he will be convicted as a libeler and that is important because it can be thrown in his face every time he opens his mouth. A man who can not put forward a argument without telling lies and who is publicly held to account is always beatable in an election. A proven liar in the eyes of the law can be outed again and again for what he did. Hope Not Hate will be doing British Politics a great service if the sue him successfully. But he will apologize and they should not have given him the opportunity to do so. Big mistake. Farage can never justify his claim against HNH in a court of law and he knows it. Please do him over HNH it will be a wonderful start to 2017. People can chip in to help them do it, he is not the only person who can crowd fund.

  8. Jimmy Glesga

    Mick Hills, can you prove Farage is a closet fascist? Will you take him to court to prove it?

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