Network Rail pulls Human Rights Act ads for being ‘too political’

Amnesty campaign highlights the benefits of the Act


Amnesty UK has criticised Network Rail for refusing to display its pro-Human Rights Act ads in train stations.

According to Amnesty’s press office, the campaign — highlighting the benefits of the Act, including for the Hillsborough families and the Northern Irish peace process — was pulled at the last minute on the grounds that it was ‘too political’.

Responding to the decision, Amnesty UK director Kate Allen said:

“We’re very disappointed by Network Rail’s decision to pull these adverts at the eleventh hour. We simply don’t accept that basic human rights are ever a political issue.

“The irony is that human rights cross party-political lines and so do failures, cover-ups and abuses. Successive governments managed to let down the Hillsborough families, and their story demonstrates precisely why we need enduring human rights protections which aren’t redrafted by the government of the day, on a political whim.

“It’s vital to safeguard basic rights in these politically volatile times as constant protections relied on by ordinary people.”

Transport for London carried the adverts as planned and those banned by Network Rail have been relocated elsewhere.

Barry Devonside, who lost his 18-year-old son Hillsborough, described the public sector body’s decision as ‘very small-minded’.

“Human rights aren’t political; they cover everyone right across society. I don’t think many people know about the Human Rights Act and how important Article 2, which protects the right to life, is. But we do, and the Human Rights Act is one of the most important things in our society.”

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8 Responses to “Network Rail pulls Human Rights Act ads for being ‘too political’”

  1. Craig Mackay

    One of the regular calls from anti-EU activists before the referendum was to get the UK to get out of the human rights act. It is something still popular with many on the right-wing. Network Rail is substantially under the thumb of the government and therefore it is going to do nothing that might upset its masters. Network Rail has decided to make this a political matter rather than a matter of humanity. An increasingly authoritarian government is what we have got and we will see more of this kind of approach to matters of everyday concern to a wide range of people.

  2. Mick

    Suck it up, Left. You’re blustering. (And it’s great to witness!)

    Especially when an Amnesty director has links to the Muslim Brotherhood which funds Hamas. Or when they fight among themselves over giving Al Qaeda benefit of a doubt!

    Hmmm. These, erm, interesting people so beloved by Jeremy Corbyn are somewhat abusive themselves! More so than some railway.

    Once again, lefties are caught out in their own deceit, arrogance, petulance and self-delusion. Then they wonder why we’re still not listening to them, agog as we somewhat were before.

  3. Mick


    Hmmm. And the nation thought that came under the stewardships of both JOHN MAJOR and TONY BLAIR!

    Two of the left’s greatest enemies, guaranteed to make them go whacko! But still, never let the left break the habit of a lifetime to stop taking credit for other peoples’ work.

  4. Michael WALKER

    Amnesty said “. Successive governments managed to let down the Hillsborough families, and their story demonstrates precisely why we need enduring human rights protections which aren’t redrafted by the government of the day, on a political whim.”

    Which is is pure and utter bull excrement.

    Hillsborough had nothing to do with Human Rights and everything to do with an incompetent lying police force and an unwillingness from ALL Governments and the judiciary to confront that fact.
    Amnesty are barking up the wrong tree and doing themselves a disservice.

  5. Loz

    Dear Mick, the rabid righties are doing such a good job, yeah? Just for starters: a nice bit of profit selling arms to Saudi and other oppressive regmes; taking away the means to survive from disabled people in the UK (see UN report this week); encouraging a wave of hate and violence towards, well, anyone who doesn’t take the Daily Mail line. Could be you next Mick… if misfortune comes your way, say a work accident or serious disease… Plus, I’m guessing you don’t really understand why Amnesty International exists.

  6. Ropey Wyla

    Network Rail are plain wrong to ban this advert.
    In the interest of debunking wannabe Daily Heil writer Mick’s right wing propaganda, you do not have to be pro EU to believe in human rights. It should be noted that an independent country can sign up to any act it’s people wishes it to and doesn’t have to get the agreement of countless other member states in order to do so. Furthermore, anyone inherently arrogant and nasty enough to be right wing in their political persuasions who has the downright temerity to accuse lefties of arrogance etc. clearly has no understanding of the concept of irony. Perhaps Mick is from across the pond.

  7. Dave Stewart

    Dear MICK,

    A Genuine question, why do you spend so much time and effort posting on virtually every article on this sight solely so you can contradict the original author and repeat your right wing tropes ad infinitum?

    Do you think your comments are going to persuade anyone? All you appear to do is insult any and everyone who holds left wing views on a left wing blog. It’s not really a good way to go about getting people to change their mind and agree with you.

    Of course the simple answer is that you do it because you enjoy winding people up but I thought I’d ask?

  8. Mick

    The only people wound-up are you. ‘Daily Heil’, indeed! I won’t be here forever, get over it.

    Human rights? For people saying that opposing them is arrogant and nasty then, well, it’s a good job I’m here.

    And no, you don’t have to be pro-EU to love human rights. At least there’s one chink of sanity in this whole burble! Just that Amnesty could be somebody else.

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