Majority reject second referendum as Europhiles prepare to ‘march for Europe’

Remain voters almost evenly split on whether 'Brexit means Brexit'


Almost 70 per cent of people believe that Brexit must mean Brexit, new polling from YouGov shows, compared to just 22 per cent who believe that the government should ignore the result or seek to overturn it.

However, a higher proportion (34 per cent) think it would be acceptable for the government to call a second referendum asking if the electorate ‘would prefer to stay after all’, compared to 56 per cent who say it would be unacceptable.

This finding challenges progressive voices who have backed a second referendum, including Labour leadership contender Owen Smith who says the people should have the opportunity to vote on the exit deal reached with the EU.

Tim Farron, leader of the Liberal Democrats, has said he will stand in the next general election on a platform of taking Britain back into Europe.

However, both defend their stances on the grounds that their party members and supporters backed Remain and among Remain voters the margin is smaller on the question. While 49 per cent believe than the government should accept the result, 45 per cent think that it should be ignored or overturned.

On the third of September, thousands are expected to participate in a second ‘March for Europe’, calling for stronger ties with the EU.

The demonstration comes just two days before Parliament reopens after summer recess. Early in the session MPs will debate a petition, signed by over four million people, calling for a second EU referendum.

Organisers Fabien Riggall and Mark Thomas, yesterday commented:

‘In the six weeks since the referendum result, our country has witnessed a marked increase in community tension, political in-fighting and economic uncertainty.

In contrast to all this, we want to see a powerful, confident and unified cultural movement harnessing thousands of passionate, creative and optimistic minds to build our own vision for the country’s future in Europe.”


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