Brexit racism is real. Last night it happened to me.

'I've not had racial abuse thrown at me since I was in primary school'


I have heard stories of people being racially abused since the Brexit. Shockingly enough, last night I experienced this myself.

Going home I was walking from the station to the ticket office when a half drunk man stared at me, walked towards me and said:

‘Good we got Brexit now, more space for English people to get rid of people like you.’

I guess he thought a petite Asian woman was a good target.

I was shocked at this. I muttered under my breath, ‘Is this for real?’. I was very shocked because I have not experienced racial abuse hurled at me since I was in primary school.

I bought my ticket at the office and worriedly walked out to find this man on the side. He had his back to me. I walked past as quickly as I could, feeling frightened in case I was being followed.

Another man saw this and he could see I was visibly upset. He told me he was French and that he was sorry this happened to me. He then walked with me near my home to make sure I was okay. I thanked him, as I had been in tears.

But I decided I wouldn’t just cry and take it. As soon as I got home I called 101. I thought the best I could do was to report this.

I reported it and it is now recorded and the police will look into this area. The operator on the phone also told me some similar incident was reported yesterday.

It’s not so much what this drunken racist said to me, it’s the fact that this happened to me in 2016 in my home country.

I was born here, this is my home, and yet I am seen as an outsider. I know racism is alive and well but it feels different to experience it after a very long time. I feel sad that the EU referendum has empowered racist fools.

Please be safe everyone, and if you find yourself in a similar situation, look out for people who you can seek help from. And then please please report it. This cannot go unreported.

The author preferred to remain anonymous.  

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7 Responses to “Brexit racism is real. Last night it happened to me.”

  1. Laszlo

    “I was born here, this is my home, and yet I am seen as an outsider.” Does it mean is it still ok for you when immigrants are subjected to racial discrimination? Besides, I was not born here, yet I feel this is my home.

  2. NHSGP

    I’ve been accused of

    a) Being on drugs
    b) Not taking medication
    c) Being a bigot
    d) Being racists.
    e) Being a bastard,

    .All by remainers.

  3. James Kemp

    Your NOT an outsider, Immigrant or any other stupid word used. You’re a valuable member of this country and welcome here, It’s only the hyped up emotions and diet of mistruths surrounding the referendum. Allowing the small minded people they think the right to abuse everyone they see as different. There are more people I hope that see things differently!

  4. Jimmy Glesga

    Some people cannot accept the vote. There is clearly a campaign going on to undermine brexit. There has always been idiots who make stupid comments. So the remains are the good people and the brexit are all racist! I voted leave because I believe in self determination for Britain and want to see the EU gravy train and the Commission collapse. During the 1975 referendum we were told it was only a trade agreement. We knew it would not end as just a trade agreement.

  5. Carey

    I just submitted a comment to this article ‘Brexit racism is real….’ but have no acknowledgement that it has been received. This has happened to me before and my comment wasn’t printed. Pls acknowledge receipt. Thank you

  6. Carey

    Just tried to submit it again, seeing my comment above has been posted – get ms saying I’ve already sent it! whats going on?

  7. Imran Khan

    A drunken man made a stupid comment. What has that got to do with Brexit?

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