Telegraph is already campaigning for 2020…but will Tory attacks be as accurate as last time?

We've heard this all before. Remember the last claim of a Labour tax on families?


This year’s general election saw most of the country’s newspapers give themselves up to biased coverage and open campaigning for the Tories.

Andrew Neil, chairman of the Spectator and host of BBC’s Daily Politics, said on the eve of the vote:

Today it appears the Daily Telegraph (and the Conservative party) have already started campaigning for the next election in 2020.

As was common earlier this year, the paper has published warnings about how much worse off families will be financially under the policies of each Labour party leadership candidate.

Telegraph 14 8 15

The calculations for this front page ‘exclusive’ come from… the current Tory government. 

One wonders if they will turn out to be as reliable as those of the last election.

The Times newspaper was forced to issue two apologies and corrections after its front page story, ‘Labour’s £1000 tax on families‘, published shortly before the May 7 election, turned out to be completely false.

Times £1000

The paper’s source for the story on that occasion? Why, the Tory party of course!

It looks like it’s going to be a busy five years for MediaWatch. 

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