“Grossly distorting the facts” – Salmond, Trump and yet more misleading statements

Alex Salmond has come under fresh criticism for his handling of the arrest of 'Trump golf course' film maker Anthony Baxter, having made some untrue statements.


SNP leader Alex Salmond has been accused, once again, of giving misleading statements, this time involving the arrest of film maker Anthony Baxter – who dared to make a film about Salmond’s friend (and anti-Obama conspiracy theorist) Donald Trump.

Left Foot Forward has previously reported on Baxter’s documentary, ‘You’ve Been Trumped’, detailing how the film maker and his cameraman were arrested by Grampian Police.

Salmond claimed the film maker believed “the matter was closed” and hadn’t made a complaint against the police.

Anthony Baxter flatly denies the first minister’s claims, stating:

“Mr Salmond has made no effort to hear our side of the events and instead repeats statements put forward by the Grampian Police as if they are factual. He says we were arrested because it was ‘alleged they had committed a crime’. What he does not say is that the only person who made the allegation was an employee of the Trump Organisation.”

This comes off the back of controversy over the arrests that have already occurred, with questions being asked about the impartiality of the behaviour of the Grampian Police and their dealings with regards to Trump and his property.

Grampian Police force has since apologised but refutes any suggestions of abandoning impartiality in the detaining of Baxter.

All this is set against a very worrying context for Salmond – he has recently had to apologise for the use of misleading statistics with regards to wind farms, which he come under sustained criticism for, and came under attack over the issue of an independent Scotland’s membership of the EU.

Aside from the effect this will have upon Salmond’s public image, it also puts renewed focus upon the relationship Salmond has with Trump, who was recently seen on Twitter collapsing in on himself in fury at President Obama’s re-election.

In a crucial period for Salmond it must be a worry for the independence campaign that he continues to be connected with the likes of Trump and Murdoch. Who’s next?

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