Crunch time for Cameron as he faces Leveson next week

The PM has done a fairly poor job of covering up his incompetencies thus far, so imagine what delights might come out when he is under oath.

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All eyes will be on the Leveson inquiry next week as David Cameron gives evidence on Monday.

brooks cameronUnfortunately for him, his trusty accomplice Jeremy Hunt will not be there to ‘shield‘ the prime minister from criticisms as he has done in the past.

Lord Leveson will also have the pleasure of hearing evidence from George Osborne, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband, Gordon Brown and Sir John Major.

Osborne will need to disclose whether he spoke to James Murdoch before appointing Jeremy Hunt to oversee the BSkyB bid.

We already know about Cameron’s close relationship with News International executive Rebekah Brooks (“lots of love, Dave”), but will anything else come out next week to suggest inappropriate conduct between the prime minister and NI staff?


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Last July, Left Foot Forward published a list of questions that the prime minister should be asked, many of which still need to be answered:

1). What information did you receive from Alan Rusbridger on Andy Coulson?

2). What information did you receive from Nick Clegg and from Lord Ashdown?

3). What information did you receive from your chief of staff Ed Llewellyn? And from your head of strategy Steve Hilton?

4). If you discover either or both of them failed to pass on damaging information about Mr Coulson will you dismiss them?

5). What did you know about Mr Coulson’s dealings with former Scotland Yard (and ex-NotW man) Neil Wallis?

6). What did you know about Mr Llewellyn’s dealings with former Met assistant commissioner John Yates?

7). Are you concerned that the police felt you were so compromised by your relationship with Mr Coulson you couldn’t be trusted with vital information?

8). Never mind May 2010, on Mr Coulson, when hiring him in 2007, what were your vetting procedures and what exactly did you know about his time at the News of the World?

9). Are/were you aware of the case of Matt Driscoll? In a tribunal in December 2008, he described a culture of bullying under Coulson, and was awarded £800,000 for unfair discrimination and disability discrimination.

10). This happened before your decision to employ him, at no little expense, in 2007. Are you in the habit of employing bullies?

11). Were you aware that the Royal Family were “troubled” by Mr Coulson’s appointment?

12). What exactly is the extent of your relationship with Rebekah Brooks? James Murdoch? Rupert Murdoch?

13). Did you ever discuss the BSkyB deal with any of the three above – specifically when having dinner with Ms Brooks and Mr Murdoch Jr. barely 48 hours after Vince Cable was stripped of his quasi-judicial powers to decide on the takeover?

14). Are you aware of any meetings Mr Hunt had with anyone from News International since being given those powers?

15). Are you guilty of “wilful blindness”?

Let’s face it – the prime minister has done a fairly poor job of covering up his incompetencies thus far, so imagine what delights might come out when he is under oath to divulge the truth.


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