Telegraph reports anti-renewable energy research, doesn’t mention dirty energy backing

Today’s Daily Telegraph reports research attacking renewable energy - but fails to say the research was commissioned by Calor Gas.

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A seemingly plausible article in the Daily Telegraph claims that renewable energy will push up bills, an agenda close to the newspaper’s heart.

Wind-farmIt bases the article on research by the enviro-friendly sounding, ‘Renewable Energy Forum’ (REF), adding further credibility.

The Daily Telegraph reports:

“Household electricity bills will rise by as much as a quarter to pay for wind farms and other forms of renewable energy, according to a new report.

“The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has insisted that energy bills will begin to fall from next year and will be reduced by seven per cent – or £94 – by 2020 because of new energy efficiency policies.

“But a study of the government’s own figures by the Renewable Energy Forum (REF), a specialist renewable energy consultancy, has accused DECC of deliberately misleading the public.”

However, the REF’s report, has an interesting note to editors at the bottom of its press release, that the Telegraph failed to mention:

Shortfall, Rebound, Backfire, by Dr John Constable, Dr Lee Moroney and Diana Beatty, was commissioned by Calor Gas Ltd. Calor wished REF to review the Government’s impact analyses in DECC’s 2011 Annual Energy Statement.

So a report claiming that renewable energies will contribute to an increase in energy bills is sponsored by a, er, non-renewable energy company? Fancy that.


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Unfortunately, the Telegraph fails to mention this connection in its article so readers are presented with information which appears to be from an unbiased report.


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