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Blair playing down his wealth is a reminder that we need to tackle inequality

Blair was right, Labour does need to move out of its ‘comfort zone’ – the comfort zone of refusing to discuss inequality.

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Africa is losing six-and-a-half-times the amount it receives in aid

Africa aidj

Wealthy governments, including the UK, bear responsibility for much of Africa’s loss of resources.

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Inequality is on the rise. And it really is the coalition’s fault

Money pile-JPEG

Now that coalition reforms are in place, we’re starting to see the true impact of government policy – and inequality is on the rise.

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The left is right to fawn over Piketty’s Capital

Thomas Pikettyj

For all the FT’s attempted hatchet job, the left is right to fawn over Capital in the 21st Century.

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(Graph) How what people own is more unequally distributed than what they earn

There has been lots of discussion recently about how much more the ’1 per cent’ earn than everyone else. There has been less attention paid to how much more they own.

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Scotland’s health and wealth challenges laid bare

A new report published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation has highlighted a bleak picture for youth unemployment and health across Scotland.

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