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Labour needs policies that end low paid and low skilled work

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The UK has too many poorly performing workplaces, according to a new report.

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The coalition lacks any plan to get Britain manufacturing again

Unite has set out ten recommendations for rebalancing the economy and developing an effective manufacturing strategy.

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Grangemouth – a case of the bosses going on strike

The debate about public vs private ownership will not disappear while Grangemouth’s fate hangs in the balance.

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Comment: What Grangemouth needs is the spirit of Upper Clyde shipbuilders

The Labour Party must stand in solidarity with the people of Grangemouth.

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Grangemouth – an ‘act of industrial vandalism’

The Scottish press are overwhelmingly blaming Ineos for the closure of the Grangemouth petrochemical plant.

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Impact of austerity policies across EU now toxic

The European Trade Union Congress in a report issued this week has warned of the impact austerity policies are having on pay across the European Union.

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The unions and the Labour will just have to work harder to win the support of working people

According to a poll by Lord Ashcroft, a majority of Unite members don’t feel they are well represented by Ed Miliband.

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Labour and the unions: Now the ball is in the Tories’ court

In the wake of today’s speech Ed Miliband will face the biggest test of his leadership thus far – and it is a test of his own making.

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Unite bus tour brings love for the NHS and a defiant message to government ministers

The Unite Union’s two week bus tour ended defiantly in Manchester on Friday with a party in the park to mark the 65th birthday of the NHS.

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Five party reforms Ed Miliband should consider in the wake of Falkirk

In the wake of the Falkirk scandal there is increasing pressure on Labour leader Ed Miliband to distance his party from the trade unions. Some within Labour’s own ranks are even calling for the link between Labour and the trade unions to be severed.

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