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From an English socialist to a Scottish one: five reasons to stay

Britain flag ncrj

This is why I think you should stay. Fraternally yours, an English socialist.

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It’s time One Nation Labour got a bit more specific

Ed Miliband ncr 2j

The electorate prefer their politics in humanoid rather than wonkery.

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The labour movement should drop any illusions it has about Venezuelan socialism

Their last-ditch support for a dying regime is not only leaving them tragically on the wrong side of history but, worse, exposing them and our great movement to ridicule.

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We need less corporate socialism for private sector landlords

The UK housing debate is increasingly focused on who the housing system serves: the nation’s needs or vested interests that seek to preserve tenure-based wealth inequalities.

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Trade unionism is not about creating even more divisions based on nationality

Trade unions are about solidarity. The very name of our movement is symbolic of the fact that we are bound together by ties that go beyond nationality or location.

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The need for supply side socialism

There’s an important fact that’s lost in the debate about economic policy. It’s that counter-cyclical policy is nothing like sufficient. Perhaps we need something radical.

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How the Left learnt to stop worrying and love Slavoj Žižek

Slavoj Zizek is accepted as left-wing, even a kind of Marxism, because most Marxists long ago abandoned the rational and material values of the social democratic Second International.

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Hugo Chavez: what the media are saying

Left Foot Forward looks at the media’s reaction to the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

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Comment: Greens solidify their reputation as the only real alternative to Labour

At the weekend, the Green Party took a formal step forward to solidify that position, as their spring conference in Nottingham voted with a majority of 71% to amend its constitution to commit to social justice and the “transformation of society for the benefit of the many not the few”. Their constitutional amendment should help strengthen their position as the only significant party to the left of Labour.

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Occupy and its Indian sister movement are fighting the same battles

Dr Kailash Chand OBE highlights the global nature of the occupy movement by showing its links with the Anna Hazare anti-corruption movement in India.

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