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Breitbart contributor: “Time for Americans to start slaughtering Muslims in the streets”

A contributor to right-wing Breitbart website has called for Americans to “start slaughtering Muslims in the streets” on Twitter.

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Anti-Muslim incidents and the Woolwich attack: an initial appraisal

There’s no one, easy solution to this problem, and the origins of hatred and prejudice are extremely complex. However the first step should be to recognise that anti-Muslim incidents like these are a serious problem in their own right, and in a just and fair society, no one should be subject to this sort of violence and prejudice.

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Trump and Fox attack Islam again – this time over NYC’s ‘Ground Zero Mosque’

Donald Trump has once again proven his ignorance and reactionary xenophobia by beating the anti-Islamic drum.

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Islamophobia and homophobia unashamedly rife amongst the Republicans

With such abhorrent homophobic and Islamophobic views as these, why would anyone want to vote the US Republican Party into power?

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Too many on the Left are continuing to promote Islamist extremists

The Left must not allow a proud history of anti-fascism to be hijacked by alliances with Islamists, which won’t help victims of bigotry, reports George Readings.

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If the EDL find a British Geert Wilders, the political scene could change

Nearly a month after what appears to have been a Daily Star scoop, The Independent reports that the English Defence League does indeed intend to become a legitimate political party.

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Daily Star’s EDL endorsement a worrying departure for mainstream media

This week’s decision by the Daily Star newspaper to effectively endorse the English Defence League is a worrying departure for Britain’s mainstream media.

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Daily Mail: Never mind the data, here comes the Muslim convert fear

For the Daily Mail, it turns out, when you cannot scare people with the facts, well, you can just scare them anyway, with a story about “Islamification”.

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Urgent action needed to tackle Islamophobia

Sabby Dahlu is Secretary of One Society Many Cultures. She comments on the unreported Islamophobia that still hurts many British Muslims.

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