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Revealed: the pay gap at Britain’s top firms

Left Foot Forward looks at the pay gap between best paid and worst paid at some of Britain’s best known firms.

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Cable fails to provide a stick or carrot in the fight against obscene pay

Duncan Exley writes about Cable’s failure to properly provide a stick or carrot to back up his words about tackling high executive pay

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IDS gets that responsibility runs from bottom to top – why doesn’t the schools minister

Alex Hern asks whether Nick Gibb’s focus on “got to have it now” culture wrongly focuses on celebrity over city greed.

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How bankers’ bonuses are contributing to the new credit crunch

Investors do not trust a banking sector grown drunk on bonuses – one of the reasons why we are facing a new credit crunch, writes Cormac Hollingsworth.

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‘Workers are children, and if you don’t like high pay, move to Cuba’

Alex Hern covers the extraordinary comments of Dr Heather McGregor, who thinks workers are basically children, and that if you don’t live in Cuba, you shouldn’t have a say in how your company is run.

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Unless pay gaps are reduced, we’ll end up with Victorian levels of inequality

Unless the trend towards greater inequality is halted, we may end up back at the levels of disparity “evident in Victorian England”, the High Pay Commission says.

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Bank reform proposals a small step forward but lack radicalism

Ben Fox gives an in-depth analysis of the Independent Commission on Banking interim report on the future of UK banking.

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Will the government drop bankers’ pay legislation?

The Labour government in response to the public outrage on bankers’ pay promised to increase transparency by introducing legislation that would force banks to reveal the pay of their top earners. It wouldn’t name and shame but it would, for example, show how many people were earning more than £1 million or more than £10 million in any one bank.

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Public unaware of just how much those at the very top are paid

Today is the official launch of an independent inquiry into high pay. The aptly named High Pay Commission has been established by Compass and is supported by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust. To mark the launch the commission conducted private polling with YouGov which had some remarkable results.

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