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What Philip Hammond ought to tell the Ecuadorian foreign minister about Assange

The Ecuadorian foreign minister wants to talk to Philip Hammond about Julian Assange – this is what our foreign minister should tell him.

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Is George Galloway really the authentic voice of all Muslims everywhere?

There are several problems with Galloway’s entry into the debate surrounding Maajid Nawaz.

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George Galloway does debate with some Israelis

Respect MP George Galloway walked out of a debate at Christ Church college at Oxford University last night after being asked a question by an Israeli citizen. Galloway’s response before walking out was “I don’t debate Israelis”.

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“Dear George…” – a reminder to Galloway of his support for “brutal Arab dictators”

Carl Packman writes a letter to George Galloway, reminding him of his record as, to quote the the prime minister, a supporter of “brutal Arab dictators”.

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Respect implicated in aggressive and slanderous Rotherham campaign leaflet

In the Rotherham by-election, the Respect Party and Yvonne Ridley have been implicated in a campaign leaflet that accuses Labour of racism.

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Respect MP George Galloway sides with Assange supporters

MP for Bradford West, George Galloway, has caused outrage online after relentlessly trying to discredit the women who have accused Julian Assange of sex crimes against them.

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Galloway to square up to Salmond over independence

For those concerned at the lack of any heavyweight politicians prepared to take on Alex Salmond, it emerged George Galloway will take on the SNP.

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The sick anti-Semites at the heart of Galloway’s band of bigots

Carl Packman exposes the sick underbelly of anti-Semitisim at the heart of George Galloway’s victorious Bradford West by-election campaign.

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The British left should engage in serious self-reflection over Gaddafi

Colonel Gaddafi made a quite extraordinary speech this afternoon, vowing to stay on and “die a martyr”; here, Seph Brown looks at the British left’s questionable relationship with the tyrant.

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Uniting the East End: A call to action in Tower Hamlets

Six months ago, many, many people from across London and beyond came to help me and Jim Fitzpatrick beat George Galloway’s Respect, reports Rushanara Ali.

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