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How hidden cameras bring human rights violators to justice

Intimidation and harassment of women thrive in atmospheres where perpetrators feel they can act with impunity.

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UK gender gap widens, according to new report

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The pay gap between men and women in the workplace has widened and the UK has dropped out of the top 20 countries for gender equality.

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Older women are demanding a better deal and Labour must deliver it

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The UK has a 43 per cent gap between pensions received by men and women – the third highest level in the EU.

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If we really want gender equality, we have to change the electoral system itself

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The argument that parliament would be flooded with a series of token women hardly stands up to scrutiny.

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Confinement of Saudi princesses a reminder that women are second-class citizens in Saudi Arabia

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The ugly reality mocks the image of a nation cited as the citadel of Islam.

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It will take 120 years before women make up half of world leaders

A new report by the VSO reveals the sheer scale of the under-representation of women across parliaments and governments around the world.

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Gender earnings equality inches forward, but why hasn’t policy kept up?

Slowly but surely, the persistent inequality in earnings between men and women is declining.

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Comment: We’ve made great strides, but there’s more to do in the quest for gender equality

Jennette Arnold AM, the Labour Group equalities spokesperson on the London Assembly, writes about the battle that still needs to be fought for gender equality.

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Tories denounce boardroom quotas, as report says male-dominated boards will fall behind

The UK government will not support quotas to get more women into the boardroom – as a report says all-male companies will fall behind.

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Women, politics and the crisis: We cannot ignore gender in politics

Vera Baird QC presents the state of politics for women today.

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