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Nicky Morgan rebuked by Statistics Authority for claim that one in three can’t read or write under Labour

Nicky Morgan

No statistical basis in claim by education secretary that one in three unable to read or write under Labour.

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If Osborne takes us back to the thirties, how different will things look?


Does Osborne have any right to get ruffled about comparisons with the 1930s?

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The government’s A-Level mess is starting to hit home

Michael Gove 3 JPEG

The loss of AS-Levels is a regressive move that will impact social mobility as well as education.

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Tristram Hunt’s Hippocratic oath: a bad policy from a weak shadow education secretary

Tristram Hunt ncr

Attention is now focused on the fallout from Hunt’s policy rather than where it should be – on coalition education policy.

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How the coalition is privatising state education

Children ncrj

Never mind the future threat of for-profit schools, privatisation of English state schools is already underway.

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The Independent editorial that would make Gove proud

Independent Edj

Why is the Independent faithfully reproducing Department for Education propaganda?

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‘If at first you don’t succeed, you don’t succeed’ – How the government is failing adult learners

Students ncrj

Two new reports show that educational opportunities tend to coalesce around those who have already benefited the most from education.

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Education policy must acknowledge gender differences

Children ncrj

This year’s GCSE results show the biggest difference between boys’ and girls’ performance since 2003.

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Genuine social mobility would mean the abolition of private schools

Private schoolj

The country should draw upon 100 per cent of its population rather than relying upon just 7 per cent of it.

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Elitism and social discrimination persist, but what is to blame?

We should be clear: schools, universities, and leading firms all have a part to play in the continuation of elitism and social class discrimination

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