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It’s time for a collective bargaining renaissance

Trade unionj

The decline in the bargaining power of labour has been a contributory factor to the fall in living standards.

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EU austerity and dismantling of collective bargaining ‘unlawful’

The European Union’s austerity measures and the dismantling of collective bargaining in a number of countries is unlawful, according to a professor at the University of Bremen.

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Labour must take seriously the need to expand collective bargaining

In the coverage of Ed Miliband’s recent speech at Newham Dockside, the sections of the speech on employment sadly received scant media coverage. The press focused instead on welfare and benefits.

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Michigan’s ‘right-to-work’ bill enshrined in law as Gov. Snyder accused of “caving to the rich”

The Michigan state legislature this week signed controversial ‘right to work’ proposals into law, banning agreements that force workers to pay union dues.

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Economic challenges could be helped through collective bargaining

Britain’s two main economic challenges – industry revitalisation and boosting consumer spending – could be helped through a greater role for collective bargaining, writes Chris Wright.

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