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The rise of the far-right in Europe shows how spectacularly austerity has failed


The rise of far-right popularism is a sign that the economic policy of austerity in Europe really has failed.

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Did we just feel the warning tremors of the next financial crash?

Last week, tremors that had been rumbling through the financial markets since the turn of the year came to the surface.

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Why Larry Summers was right to give Osborne’s economic policy a kicking

We should welcome Larry Summers showing how incoherent this chancellor’s economic policy really is.

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European commissioner is right: we can not let populism win ahead of facts on immigration

Vivane Reding, vice-president of the European commission, stated in a web chat last night that in the UK there is a perception of an “invasion of foreigners” coming to the UK to “steal jobs”.

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Cabinet papers remind us of Thatcherism’s ongoing legacy

As George Osborne announces more cuts to welfare, again causing an even more divided and unequal society, we must learn the economic lessons of the past.

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We must stop this illogical, economically damaging and ultimately racist law

The government is proposing a pilot scheme starting in November to ask visitors from India, Nigeria, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh to pay a cash bond of £3,000 for a visitor visa that allows them to stay in the UK for up to six months.

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Will the end of Quantitative Easing trigger a second crisis?

Something strange has been happening in stock markets since 2008: they have been going up. Not just up, but absolutely flying. Through the prolonged failed recovery, unemployment, an investment crisis, the Fukushima crisis and the EU debacle, Wall street, still the market all else look to, has doubled in value.

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With its intellectual justification in tatters, this government’s policy must change direction before it’s too late

The policy of austerity is finally dying with Europe and even the monetarist IMF realising their folly recently. With its intellectual justification in tatters this government’s economic policies must change right now.

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Tax avoidance and the myth of trickle down wealth

The files released from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) may finally put faces to the offshore accounts scandal whose numbers are quite astounding.

A recent report by the Tax Justice Network found that the equivalent to the total combined GDP of U.S. and Japan is being hidden away by those rich enough to use offshore accounts.

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OBR report shows extent of lost economic potential

Of all the decisions the chancellor has made, the one he may be regret the most is making the Office of Budget Responsibility (OBR) independent.

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