Vote 2011: Green campaign diary

Green Party councillor Rupert Read kicks off Left Foot Forward’s dispatches from the front: the campaign diaries of party activists on the election trail.

AV keeps the BNP in their cage

The official briefing paper on AV has flaws but makes the point well that the BNP will suffer from a Yes vote on May 5th, reports the Green Party’s Rupert Read.

Green challenges on transport policy

When Labour came to power in 1997, it promised to reverse the remorseless growth in road traffic. Within a few years, Labour’s first transport secretary, John Prescott, had self-admittedly failed in this ambition, and indeed Labour had almost been sunk by the fuel-price protests. If the Left is to achieve real change in the all-important area of ‘transport policy’, then it is going to have to be both much more ambitious and much more savvy than was the Blair government.

Compass must practice what it preaches on pluralism

There remains a contradiction at the heart of Compass’s pluralist mission. Compass, while not formally affiliated to the Labour Party, is registered with the Party, and has a rule that forbids members of other parties from being full members.

AV referendum to be announced next week & held in May

Left Foot Forward understands from a source close to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister that the timetable for the promised referendum on AV will be announced next week, and that the referendum itself is most likely to be scheduled to coincide with the May 2011 Local Elections.