Killer robots: A study in hype

Drones, or ‘remotely piloted air systems’ in RAF speak, are now familiar. However in 2013 a public debate started over what many consider the next phase in drone warfare: lethal autonomous robots.

Trident replacement: Who cares?

Last month, the independent think-tank BASIC made an interesting contribution to the debate on Trident replacement. They released a report, Trident in UK Politics and Public Opinion, summarising the top-line results from every national survey about British nukes in recenttest

Rethinking traditional ideas on nuclear deterrence

In a recent op-ed, four US elder statesmen called for a re-think of traditional ideas on nuclear deterrence. The group, led by former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, warned that the horizontal proliferation of nuclear technology had undermined the doctrine of ‘mutual assured destruction’.

Using drones in Yemen could backfire

Following the terror alert at the weekend, there is widespread speculation President Obama will order more drone strikes on Yemen to tackle the threat posed by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). Such a strategy, however, may cause more problems and result in an even greater threat.